Soonly Hwa Chairs Tables Co

Soonly Hwa Build Iron Structure Furniture Contractor

+65 6756 6269 | 6756 8163
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Since its founding in 1981, Soonly Hwa Chairs Tables Co has specialized in providing a one-stop quality tentage service for corporate and leisure events, bereavement services as well as any celebrations to be hosted.

From tents, fans, lightings, stage, backdrops, design, decoration, chairs, tables, mobile toilets to generators, we assure with confidence that all equipment and products are of top qualities and conditions, charged at a reasonable and affordable price.

Besides events and celebrations, as a funeral bereavement service provider, we help our clients to embrace the passing of their loved ones and carry out all necessary religious traditions needed for the bereaved families to observe.

Taking care and meeting the needs and requirements of our clients is what Soonly Hwa Chairs Tables Co is all about. With more than 30 years of vast experience, we strive constantly to excel and exceed, bringing our clients’ satisfactions to a higher level and value.

At Soonly Hwa Chairs Tables Co, each and every client is of utmost importance and valuable to us! We are committed and you can trust on us to provide you with our highest standard of service and professionalism.