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(AP) Hillary Rodham Clinton coasted to alarge but "Anaboliset Aineet" largely symbolic victory in working "Anabolika Definition" class West Virginiaon Tuesday, handing Barack Obama one of the worst defeats of thecampaign yet scarcely slowing his march toward the Democraticpresidential nomination. "The White House is won in the swing states. And I am winningthe swing states," Clinton told cheering supporters at a victoryrally. She coupled praise for Obama with a pledge to persevere in acampaign in which she has become the decided underdog. "This raceisn't over yet," she said. "Neither of us has the total delegatesit takes to win." Obama looked ahead to the Oregon primary later in the month andto Comprar Levitra the general election campaign against "Oxandrolone Powder India" Republican John McCain,but the West Virginia defeat underscored his weakness among bluecollar voters who will be pivotal in the fall. "This is our chance to build a new majority of Democrats andindependents and Republicans who know that four more years ofGeorge Bush just won't do," Obama said in Missouri, which looms asa battleground state in November. "This is our moment to turn the page on the divisions anddistractions that pass for politics in Washington," added the manseeking to become the first black presidential nominee of a majorparty. With votes from 69 percent of West Virginia's precincts counted,Clinton was winning 66 percent of the vote, to 27 percent forObama. Clinton's triumph approached the 70 percent of the vote shegained in Arkansas, her best state to date. It came courtesy of anoverwhelmingly white electorate comprised of the kinds of voterswho have favored her throughout the primaries. Nearly a quarterwere 60 or older, and a similar number had no education beyond highschool. More than half were in families with incomes of $50,000 orless, and the former first lady was wining a whopping 69 percent oftheir votes. Clinton won at least 16 of the 28 delegates at stake in WestVirginia, to seven for Obama, with 5 more to Testosterone Enanthate Vs Trenbolone Acetate be allocated. That left Obama with 1,875.5 delegates to 1,712 for Clinton. Ittakes 2,026 to clinch the nomination at the party convention inDenver this summer, a total raised by one to reflect the electionof Democrat Travis Childers to Congress in a special election inMississippi during the evening. Clinton's aides contended that her strength with blue collarvoters already demonstrated in primaries in Ohio, Pennsylvaniaand Indiana makes her the more electable candidate in the fall. In her remarks, Clinton said, "I deeply admire Sen. Obama,"but she added, "our case is stronger." She said she had wonroughly 17 million votes in the primaries and caucuses to date. The two rivals also vied in a close, nonbinding primary inNebraska. Obama won the state's caucuses earlier in the year, andwith them, a majority of its delegates. The delegate tally aside, the former first lady struggled toovercome an emerging Democratic consensus that Obama effectivelywrapped up the nomination last week with a victory in the NorthCarolina primary and a narrow loss in Indiana. He picked up four superdelegates during the day, including RoyRomer, former Democratic Party chairman. "This race, I believe, is over," Romer told reporters on aconference call. He said only Clinton can decide when to withdraw,but he added: "There is a time we need to end it and directourselves to the general election. I think that time is now." Only five more primaries remain on the calendar, Testosterone Enanthate While Cutting beginning nextweek in Kentucky and Oregon, then Puerto Rico on June 1 and Montanaand South Dakota two days later. There's another important date on the calendar, though, the May31 meeting of a convention committee that will hear Clinton'sappeal to seat the delegations from disputed primaries in Floridaand Michigan. Clinton has long argued to have the delegates seated adecision that would cut into Obama's delegate advantage eventhough the primaries were held so early in the year that theyviolated Democratic party rules. In recent weeks, Obama has signaled a willingness to compromiseon the issue as he has become more confident of his ultimatevictory in the fight for the nomination. Clinton and Obama briefly shook hands on the Senate floorTuesday after interrupting their campaigns for a few hours to voteon energy related bills. In the days since, close to 30 superdelegates have swung behindObama, evidence that party officials are beginning to coalescearound the first term Illinois senator who is seeking to become thefirst black to win a major party presidential nomination. Three ofhis new supporters formerly backed Clinton, who surrendered herlead in superdelegates late last week for the first time since Winstrol Tablets Price thecampaign began. In his appearance in Cape Girardeau, Mo., Obama sketched thecase against McCain. "For two decades, he has supported policiesthat have shifted the burden onto working people. And his onlyanswer to the problems created by George Bush's policies is to givethem another four years to fail," he said. Tucker Bounds, a spokesman for McCain, said in response thatObama's rhetoric showed "more of the same negative, partisanpolitics that have paralyzed Washington for too long. Barack Obamatalks about change and bipartisanship, but he has never showed theleadership needed to bridge party divides." Clinton had spent parts of several days campaigning in WestVirginia in search of victory. She refrained from criticizing Obama directly, but had acautionary word nonetheless for party leaders who seemed eager topivot to the fall campaign. "I keep telling people, no Democrathas won the White House since 1916 without winning West Virginia,"she said at Tudor's Biscuit World in the state's capital city. Obama was in the state on Monday, but it was clear he waslooking beyond the primary. He said several days ago he expected Clinton to win bysignificant margins in West Virginia and then in Kentucky, whichholds its primary next week. He devoted more time to Oregon, whichalso holds a primary next week, and announced plans to campaign inseveral other states that loom as battlegrounds in the fall againstMcCain. Among them are Florida and Michigan, two states that held earlyprimaries in defiance of national Democratic Party rules. The twocombined have 44 of the 270 electoral votes needed to win the WhiteHouse, and Obama has not yet campaigned in either. Obama also broke from his usual practice by wearing a flag pinon his suit jacket. He told several thousand people at theCharleston Civic Center that patriotism means more than salutingflags "4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Ireland" and holding parades.