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Monroe Mayor Geoffrey Thomas took to the streets on Saturday morning, March 21, and he took City Councilmembers Jeff Rasmussen and Jim Kamp and the Monroe Monitor Valley News along for the ride.

His objective was to tour the downtown Monroe area and chat with business owners about the upcoming Main Street Plaza project and solicit input on matters including parallel versus angle parking, wider sidewalks and parking time limits. at Monroe City Hall (806 W. Main St.) on Tuesday, March 31.

Since October of last year, Thomas has spent at least one Saturday each month touring the downtown area, typically with Monroe Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Una Wirkebau Hartt, getting to know the business "Oxandrolone Powder India" owners. This time, Testosterone Cypionate Side Effects Ftm he invited Rasmussen and Kamp to join him so that they could obtain feedback from the business owners firsthand.

Monroe High School senior Jacob Walker accompanied the trio on Saturday's tour. Walker is working on his culminating challenge project, which examines what it's like to be an elected official.

Before walking through downtown Monroe, the group traveled to nearby Duvall, to see a streetscape that features wider sidewalks and parallel parking. The sidewalks in Duvall measured 12 feet wide or wider, giving businesses room to incorporate outdoor dining areas or outdoor merchandise displays.

Upon returning to Monroe, they began their downtown tour at the Sky River Bakery.

Sky River Bakery Owner Andrew Abt is Buy Cheap Jintropin Online vehemently opposed to parallel parking. He voiced his concerns to Thomas, Rasmussen and Kamp.

"Every parking "Oxandrolone Powder India" space you take away from us is dollars out of our pockets," Abt said. "This is our livelihood."

Abt has been in business in downtown Monroe since 1987, and has witnessed numerous different parking strategies and scenarios in that 28 year timeframe. Recently, Abt has advocated that Main Street provide convenient, plentiful parking that is customer oriented and easily accessible.

Before looking at downtown Monroe's parking, the group went to nearby Duvall to see its wider sidewalks. Photo by Chris Hendrickson

He challenged Thomas, Rasmussen and Kamp to count the number of flourishing businesses currently operating in the downtown area.

"I don't think you're going to find a lot of thriving businesses," Abt said. "We're all struggling."

In addition to concerns about parallel parking, Abt is worried that the proposed pedestrian bulb outs will negatively impact traffic flow, causing increased congestion around Main and Lewis streets. The pedestrian bulb outs are a newer aspect of the Main Street Plaza project, which has evolved since it was initially proposed last December.

Currently, the city is planning on phasing the project. Phase one will involve curb removal and the installation of pervious concrete along East Main Street from Ferry to Lewis. The sidewalks, which will be eliminated so that the pedestrian area is flush with the street, will be constructed out of pervious concrete, and the parking area will be built out of a gray colored material called PaveDrain.

Each corner will feature a widened pedestrian area, known as a bulb out, which will shorten the length of the crosswalks and Sustanon 250 With Anavar allow the city to incorporate bike racks or other 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosteron decorative elements Trembolona O Masteron in the pedestrian area. A combination of lighted and non lighted bollards will be used along the bulb out areas to delineate the walkway and distinguish it from the road.

Abt's concern over the bulb outs was related to westbound Main Street traffic attempting to turn south onto Lewis, or eastbound Main Street traffic attempting to travel north. He pointed out that with no left turn arrows at the intersection, a vehicle turning left could completely disrupt the flow of traffic, causing significant delays. Cars would no longer be able to proceed around them on the right, due to the size of the bulb outs.

"One person turning left, because of the bulb out, controls the rest of the traffic," Abt said. "Even if they're turning right, they can't turn because the bulb out is in the way."

Customers travel from all around the region to buy baked goods from the Sky River Bakery; Abt estimated that his bakery brings roughly 5,000 people per month into Monroe. He is concerned that congestion in the downtown area could have a negative impact on his business.

Thomas is going to work with city staff to determine if the timing on the stoplight at Lewis and Main can be altered to accommodate left turning traffic in either direction. Fashion owner Cami Hunt and Monroe Homebrewing Supplies owner Don Worthen were opposed to the loss of parking spaces that would come with a transition to parallel parking.

Phase one of the project is set to begin on April 20 and is expected to be completed by June 30. Phase two of the project, which would duplicate phase one along the portion of West Main Street from Lewis to Blakeley streets, could begin on July 1, with a completion date of Aug. 21.

The city is still considering two different design options. The first option keeps the angled parking, features 10 foot sidewalks and maintains the current number of parking stalls. The second option converts the parking to parallel parking, which results in 20 foot sidewalks and 20 fewer parking stalls.

The Monroe City Council will hear public testimony on all matters related to parking in the downtown area during the public hearing on March 31. It welcomes comments regarding parallel parking, angle parking and maximum time limits.

Safer, beautiful Streetscapes, leads to stronger economies, that is why so many towns adopt design "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" changes; such as wider sidewalks, bulb outs, trees, they all calm traffic and make shoppers feel comfortable. No one will list Monroe. And that is why bakeries and shops struggle is why people go to one store and leave.

It is so easy to create more diagonal parking around a corner by adding a one way street or add 30 min spaces at corners to create greater count turnover.

You are not going to lose one customer by the a change in parking configuration are losing all the customers that never, ever go to Monroe it s so unwelcoming.

A great place for more info is Streets or for Public Places Downtown has every opportunity to improve studying the small towns that have succeeded already!

Beautiful Streetscapes are great, however if 20 more parking places are removed people including myself keep right on traveling and go to a place that welcomes ease of parking. Downtown currently needs more parking not less. Beautify Main Street, create design changes, bulb outs, and plant trees but without sacrificing parking. So ask customers what their favorite way to park is and you will learn that they want convenience too. Create more diagonal parking around a corner by adding a one way streets. Leave the current parking on Main Street alone!